Examinations and Promotions

Class I to VIII and XI have two monthly tests, Half Yearly and Annual Exams, while the CCE pattern is followed in IX and X recommended by CBSE.

Rules for Promotion

Class I to V

A student must obtain 50% in the three major subjects i.e. in English, Hindi and Maths in the year’s average and must have 50% in the aggregate also for promotion to the next class.

Class VI to VIII

A student must obtain 40% in all the subjects and 40% in the aggregate for promotion to the next class.

Class IX and X

The CCE pattern (FA1, FA2, SA1, FA3, FA4, SA2) introduced by CBSE is followed.

Class XI

Students of XI have to clear all the subjects for promotion to the next class. A student must obtain 33% in all the subjects.

Streams at +2

The school offers the Science stream (both medical and non-medical) and commerce at +2. The subjects available are as under. Science Stream English Core Physics Chemistry Maths/Biology Economics/P.E Commerce Stream English Core Economics Business Studies Accountancy Maths/Physical Education

EXAMINATION PROGRAM 2014-15 (Session 2014-2015)
For Classes VI, VII, VIII, XI & XII
Quarterly Examination (of 50 Marks each) Around 20th of July
Half Yearly Examination Around 20th of September.
Pre-Boards of Class XII December
Annual Examination for Class XI Around 20th of February
(Classes for XII will start immediately after annual Examination)
Annual Examination for Classes VI, VII & VIII will be in the month of March
For Classes IX & X
First Formative Assessment (FA-1) April / May
Second Formative Assessment (FA-2) Quarterly Exam. (July/August)
Third Formative Assessment (FA-3) (November/December)
Fourth Formative Assessment (FA-4) (January/February)
First summative Assessment (SA-1) in September with half yearly examination
Second Summative Assessment (SA-2) in March with annual Examination
Exact dates will be intimated while giving the date sheet